The VIRTUS VDD pacemaker together with the UNIPASS II lead allow you to provide your patients sophisticated pacing therapy while saving time at implant and follow-up.
The VIRTUS VDD pacing system offers advanced therapy features supported by powerful diagnostic capabilities.
The UNIPASS II lead combines higher impedance with steroid elution for potential device longevity improvements
The Quick Check system allows you to easily and quickly perform a comprehensive, customized series of tests, providing all the follow-up data you need for informed decision-making.

The INTELIS II pacing system from Intermedics represents a full line of single-chamber and dual-chamber pacemakers for permanent pacing applications in the atrium and/or ventricle.
Adaptive-rate models offer acceleromenter-based rate modulation. All models offer leading-edge stored EGMs with Onset and Event Markers, and other diagnostics to guide patient therapy. Advanced ease-of-use tools help to streamline patient follow-up visits and enchance clinic productivity.
Managing patients with rhythm distrurbances can be complicated. Delivering appropriate device therapy shouln't be. That belief guides a new generation of products and services from Intermedics.
Our cardiac rthythm managment systems ZOOM designed to simplify implant and follow-up while increasing flexibility. Now it's easier to tailor therapy using the features you want - without compromises. Patient and device information is presented in a way that will help you make better decision in less time.


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